Dear Girls

Alissa Ausan Anderson
2 min readJun 25, 2022


Dear girls,

I’m so sorry.

I can’t believe that you, my daughters, will have fewer rights than I did as a young woman.

I can’t believe that bodily autonomy is less well protected than assault weapons. And I will tell you, first hand, that there are weapons of assault on women’s bodies that aren’t for sale and can never require background checks, and today’s ruling just fortified their deadliness.

I want you to grow up in a world where it isn’t entirely your job to protect your own safety, whether at school hiding under a desk or walking home at night, hoping you remembered to do everything right and crossing your fingers that nothing goes wrong.

I’m sorry you’re joining a community of women where intersectionality will be even more difficult. Those who have options will continue to have options, those who are already fighting for their lives and identities will continue to die on the front lines of a war that was never for them.

But, I’m your mother. And I’m determined to honor you for choosing me by leaving you a world where your choice isn’t subject to the legislation of those whose dying grasp on power was never fit to hold it.

I’m your mother. And I will show you how we stay in the fight. It was never our fight, and it shouldn’t be our job to finish it. But as with all of the most important and meaningful work you’ll do in your lives, you must never abandon it. And we won’t.

I’m sorry that today, we inherit the last dying gasp of an ideology that sees its mortality within your formidable strength. That’s not your fight.

Your fight is to remain hopeful. To stand alongside those whose rights are most threatened and to protect them until our republic is capable of meeting the contractual obligations set forth by its founders. Your fight is to become capable of holding power so gently that it can be freely shared without fear of it devouring you like it has for so many who cling to it now.

My dear girls. As I tuck you in I promise you this. You are greater than the sum of all that would seek to make you small. You could never be too much and are infinitely enough. You are fully human and that can never be taken from you.

Love, your mom.



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